Is Fear of Failing your Fellowship Exams worrying you?

If you want to get your RACGP fellowship without fearing wasting time, money and effort, then this is the most important thing you will read all day.

If you want to end the expense of sitting the exam numerous times, avoid the RACGP’s 3 strike policy, or simply don’t want to run out of time, there is help available for you.

Even if you are coming from another country and this is your second language…

….We can help!

But first, a warning...

And the bad news: In the last 5 years, a lot more people have been taking the exams. So now the standard has gotten higher.

The good news? We've discovered the best approach to getting you to the top.

However, this journey will take work. There is no getting around that fact.

So, if you cannot commit to putting in the hours preparing for these exams, then this is not for you.

Or if you want to complain about the exams being to hard or unfair... This is also not for you.

You should stop now and do something else.

If you think you’ll…

…just rote learn past exams and that will get you through

Then this course is NOT for you – because rote learning or taking endless practice exam questions will not prepare you for these exams.

Rote learning does not allow you to be practicing the underlying thinking that goes into working out what are the correct answers in the questions YOU have to answer on exam day.

The College knows that the past questions are out there on the internet - even though they have expressly said this is against their policy.

Rote learning a bunch of these questions and answers and hoping that you’ll see ones you know on the test frankly will not work.

And lastly, if you think that…

“…Someone else can get me through my exams…”

Then you should definitely NOT get this course.

Look, any course out there can offer all the promises in the world but at the end of the day, you are the one who has to sit down in your exams and answer the questions.

Know this though…

By leveraging the hours you spend studying in a smart and systematic way, you can increase your clinical knowledge, raise your clinical skills and master clinical reasoning.

Then you will have the confidence in your bones that will show up in your results.

But only if you put in the work.

With that understood, let me show you what is in the...

General Practice Exam Accelerator

First of all, the General Practice Exam Accelerator is different from any other prep course or practice tests you’ve ever taken because it immediately gives you the methodology to approach the FRACGP with the “way of thinking” required to pass.

This course is filled with battle-tested content that work to help people, like you, pass the exam.

It’s presented in easy-to-consume content that focuses on your needs.

Say goodbye to overwhelm, because this course filters through the overwhelming amount of information that is included in the RACGP exams.

It offers the cliff-noted version in a 6 week course cut down to the essentials of GP...

It’s About MORE than Just a Practice Exam

It’s about getting and focusing only on the exact tools you need to sharpen in order for you to get your best opportunity to pass.

For example, one of our students who passed found the GPEA to be “A fantastic course for both Australian and International graduates alike.”

They said it was instrumental in passing because it not only pointed them in the right direction, it provides the support every step of the way,

Successful students tell me that "we have demystified the tests".

They are thrilled because of our approach to the exams and ability to teach them about learning strategy – not just piles of information. 

So here’s what you’re getting in the General Practice Exam Accelerator...

What You’re Getting

  • How to study effectively even when you are short on time. No more wasting time studying the wrong things.
  • How to make sure you have completed your study for the week even if you have children or a job. 
  • The best way to stay focused even if you are terrible procrastinator. Procrastination can mess up your best intentions. We show you practical ways for keeping your focus no matter.
  • You need to memorize Murtagh, right? Wrong. We cover when to use Murtagh and what to do instead.
  • How to eliminate overwhelm… General practice is so enormous that it's easy to get lost spending too much time in one area of medicine let alone just one topic. We get you through lots of content quickly and help you use it to its maximum when you come to revise in the last couple of weeks.
  • Wait! Is rote learning KFPs is essential to passing this exam? Rote learning is an approach that feels like it should work, but it puts you at a lot of risk when those exact questions don’t show up. 
  • Why this one book is so important preparing for the KPF. You will want to get this book as soon as you start studying.
  • The truth about how the RACGP thinks. We show you where they are coming from and give you the way to approach the hardest part of GP : clinical reasoning.
  • When is it okay to memorize content?  We show you exactly what should you focus on memorizing because it is a closed book exam so you will need to know your stuff.
  • Where to find the key features of each topic: This is designed to give you the guts of the large number of medical topics so you can rapidly cover the content and focus on key features.
  • Say goodbye to wading through and spending 2-3 hours creating notes. You get a solid foundation for a topic which you can then go and fill in more detail.
  • It takes a mind blowing 600-800 hours just to get through the clinical note taking, right? While there are over 500 topics that could show up in this exam, you can just go through the key feature notes and then expand out into further reading and research on these topics.
  • The truth about KFP thinking. It’s not just about knowing the information. You must know it in context and under the increased pressure when you take the test. We give you the tools to practice KFP thinking beforehand!
  • Say goodbye to confusion because the Key Feature Checklists are also extremely helpful for giving the clarity that you need when you are working through AKT questions around diagnosis and management.
  • What was the most likely disease to have haemoptysis, chest pain and fever…? By having Clarity on exactly what each disease has as its key features makes it a lot easier than having a vast amount of information that is not properly structured in your mind and then trying to remember it all during the high-stress test.
  • Tame the beast of TEST STRESS: This all seems easy when just reading through this page, right? Once you add in exam stress, expectations and all of the other information you have learnt in preparation…suddenly it can be a LOT harder to pull out the correct diagnosis.
  • Why simplifying works. AFTER taking my KFP...I realized that I could have prepared working through from presenting complaint and thinking about what key questions separate out the differentials possible from that presenting complaint.
  • Does understanding “presenting complaint pathways” really allow you to prepare for what's being tested in a Key Feature Problem? Yes! Because our training takes you from presenting complaint through to the diagnosis and the key factors that determined what actually is going on: The pathways mean that you are already thinking about what differentiating factors there are from a differential.
  • For those who want to pass the exam on this go around, having these pathways with the key differentiating factors is going to be key to being best able to answer the KFP type of questions.

Now, that’s a tremendous amount of strategies help you pass your exam but it gets better because you’re also getting…

KFP Training to get you into the habit of KFP thinking and get your KFP answers up to scratch!

When you join the General Practice Exam Accelerator, you receive THREE weekly homework cases that work through KFP style questions.

You take them the homework questions and then each question is broken down to how to think about that case and what to do in the exam to effectively answer KFP questions. 

It's okay to make mistakes (even downright silly ones) because this is the time and place to learn and get your KFP answers up to scratch.

You then can watch the training specifically around that case - looking at the underlying way to think and what mistakes are commonly made...

Speaking of support:

Support for you through our Private Facebook Group

Ask questions and get answers. You can also share learnings, share your fears and find out that others are experiencing similar feelings.

Because the exam is based on meeting a set standard rather than a certain number getting though, we can feel free and confident to share information. We can use a cooperative model of helping each other. It’s is a smart move.

Team support! Having access to the other doctors that are sitting on this exam is basically like having your own team to provide additional support, clarification and encouragement as you prepare.

Remember the BIG picture: The exams don’t just show that you are safe, competent and skilled as a GP.

They also represent the opportunity to set you up for a great life as a General Practitioner!

A visual of what your life can be having passed these exams!

Imagine you’ve passed the exam. Here’s what your life could look like: You have your FRACGP!

You are confident in your knowledge and skills.

You go home at the end of each day knowing that you've helped another 20+ patients and you've made a big difference in their lives.

So here's what to do next.

Immediate access to the General Practice Exam Accelerator also includes  all of the following:

  • Fellowship Exam Mastery. Gives you a full 4 week course to prepare you for your exam. Worth $997
  • The Key Feature Checklists  (6 week course covering 20 major specialities and 282+ topics) to get you through clinical knowledge quickly and effectively. Each topic has one page focused on the diagnostic key features and one page focused on the management key features. Save 300-400 hours of note taking. Value $2997
  • 32 KFP homework KFPs +  training webinars to make sure that you have fully assimilated KFP thinking. Value $997
  • 4x AKT Exam Mastery to give you that extra punch you need going in to sit the exam. Value $497
  • Private "Member's Only" Facebook group where you can find future referrals, build a support system for when you pass the exam, and support each other by asking and answering questions and fears related to the exam. Value $497

The full training course is valued at nearly $6,000 – $5985 to be exact.

But for you today, we are offering all these trainings together for one spectacular price.

As soon as you place your order to join today, you will pay just $1997 for a full 12 months access.

Or, if you wish, you can choose the monthly option of paying $749 a month for 3 months.

On joining you will be sent an email with your login information and you can get started immediately.

Oh, and in case you are wondering…

What if this doesn’t work for me?

It’s easy to get discouraged when we are facing as big a challenge as getting our RACGP.

The thing is, we are here to help you take every step along the way.

While we cannot take those steps for you, we can take them with you.

This course is designed to help you whether this is your first go around sitting the test or your last.

It’s here to help you develop the way of thinking and style of studying that is designed to help you pass no matter your circumstance.

We are here to encourage and support you in every effort to pass and to welcome you into being a fully qualified GP here in Australia.

Time is of The Essence

Here’s the thing...

The exams are coming.

Each passing day that you are not studying with us, is one day closer to you sitting your tests.

Do you want to be ready?

Do you want to be that future GP that didn’t try and cram a couple of weeks ahead?

Do you want your best shot at passing?

So, really, this offer is limited to those who take action and prepare well.

Oh... And one more thing.

When you sign up today, you’re also getting this advanced Bonus Training worth $997 for FREE (bringing your total value to nearly $7000 – actually it’s exactly $6982, but its pretty close!).

Bonus: The Specialist Training Video Series

These include a series of difficult topics that have traditionally been hard to cover and lead up to the exams.

I have enlisted the help of number of specialists to help rapidly increase your understanding on these tough topics.

 Topics include:

  • X-rays: How to confidently interpret C-spine, abdominal and chest x-rays.
  • ECGs: How to recognize and approach the ECG and what each one means.
  • Dermoscopy: Using chaos and clues so that you can confidently identify dermoscopic images in the exam.
  • Skin cancer: Knowing the margins and how to best manage skin cancers.
  • Antenatal care: The basics of rapidly bringing yourself up to speed with the basics of antenatal care.
  • Hand injuries : How to assess and refer
  • MBS Item numbers : Tips for medicare related questions
  • Burns Assessment : Key information on percentage of body burnt and what to do about it

Rapidly cover these topics by watching the experts present the essentials of their craft so that you can increase your knowledge and skills;

And so that you will be ready when these topics come up in your exams...


Full Money Back Guarantee

And here’s the thing. You also get the GUARANTEE of a lifetime!

When you join the General Practice Exam Accelerator today, you have a full 30 days to review the material and if you find that you are not thrilled with the preparation you are receiving, just let me know and you will get our No Questions Asked 100% money back guarantee.

Simply email us or contact us and we refund your full course price ASAP.


Did you know that this course is fully rebatable for your RTP or the AAS?

It sure is!

BUT, even if  you cannot access either of these, the training is still a 100% tax deduction.

It’s literally a win-win for you and your future career as a great GP.

The Choice is Yours...

Now, the choice is yours.

You can either keep struggling on your own, hoping and wishing that you might pass the FRACGP… this time…


You can take action to actively determine the course of your future.

You can click the link below, sign up for this course and get your instant access to a better shot at passing your FRACGP.

Your Fellowship is waiting. It is time for you to pass your FRACGP.

Click below to select your best Payment Option and Join the General Practice Exam Accelerator Now.

Single Payment


SAVE $367!

  • Fellowship Exam Mastery
  • Key Feature Checklists
  • Presenting Complaint Pathways
  • Clinical Skills
  • AKT Exam Series
  • KFP Exam Series
  • Specialist Series
  • Dr Tom's Mindmaps
  • Private Members Group

12 Payments



  • Fellowship Exam Mastery
  • Key Feature Checklists
  • Presenting Complaint Pathways
  • Clinical Skills
  • AKT Exam Series
  • KFP Exam Series
  • Specialist Series
  • Dr Tom's Mindmaps
  • Private Members Group

PS: Just in case you skipped straight to the end and didn't read any of this letter, here's a quick summary: 

1. The General Practice Exam Accelerator is designed to get you your Fellowship.

2. It includes 282+ Key Feature Checklists so you can rapidly cover clinical topics and get through the content of GP. (RRP $2997)

2. You get the Clinical Skills you need to cover these quickly and bring you up to speed with your formal exams. (RRP $497)

3. You get the Presenting Complaint Pathways - These are mindmaps of presenting complaints already broken down to go from Presenting Complaint to Diagnosis and the Key Features that separate them out. (RRP $497)

4. You get 32 KFP homework questions released 4 per week for 8 weeks each Monday so you know what answers you need to give in the KFP. (RRP $997)

5. You get 60 Practice AKT questions so you can know how to approach MCQs and eMCQs to improve your odds and get your best score in this exam. (RRP $497)

6. You get the bonus Specialist Webinar Series where you can cover difficult specialist topics rapidly. (RRP $997)

6. You get Dr Tom's Original Mindmaps so you can see what he focused on when taking notes and getting the results he did in his exams.

Total Value : $6982

Full 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Your Fellowship is waiting. It is time for you to pass your FRACGP.

Click below to select your best Payment Option and Join the General Practice Exam Accelerator Now.

Single Payment


SAVE $367!

  • Fellowship Exam Mastery
  • Key Feature Checklists
  • Presenting Complaint Pathways
  • Clinical Skills
  • AKT Exam Series
  • KFP Exam Series
  • Specialist Series
  • Dr Tom's Mindmaps
  • Private Members Group

12 Payments



  • Fellowship Exam Mastery
  • Key Feature Checklists
  • Presenting Complaint Pathways
  • Clinical Skills
  • AKT Exam Series
  • KFP Exam Series
  • Specialist Series
  • Dr Tom's Mindmaps
  • Private Members Group

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