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What's Included If Your Application is Accepted?

The General Practice Exam Accelerator (GPEA) is designed to get you your Fellowship with the RACGP.

1. Master your GP Fellowship Book. Overview of the Entire Exam Process. $7.95

2. Clinical Audits to define where you are and where you need to be. $197

3. 312 Key Feature Checklists so you can rapidly cover clinical topics and get through the content of General Practice rapidly and effectively. Full value : $21850

4. Clinical Skills Training allowing you to cover these quickly and bring you up to speed with your formal exams. $497

5. Presenting Complaint Pathways - These are 27 pathways of Presenting Complaint to Diagnosis with essential differentiating factors. RRP $997

6. Specialist Training Series where you can cover difficult topics rapidly directly learning from Specialists. Value $997

Total Value : $24545.95

Included Bonuses Today

1. "Dr Tom's Mindmaps" you get a copy of all of Dr Tom's notes that he originally used to pass his exams. These allow you to see what information he focused on during his exam preparation. Value $997

2. Tom's analysis of the best AKT / KFP approach from the College. Benefit from the perspective of having already passed the exams and what Tom sees differently so you can better prepare for your exams. Includes four training videos valued at $397.

3. You get 60 Practice AKT questions so you can know how to approach MCQs and eMCQs to improve your odds and get your best score in the AKT exam. RRP $497

4. You get 44 KFP questions that you take and then watch the best strategies for that KFP.  You learn and practice the underlying strategy to knowing how to give high marking answers to ANY KFP question that appears in your actual exam. Valued at $1497

Total Bonus Value : $3388

The full course is delivered over 6 weeks and you have a full 12 month access to all current and future material over that time.

Complete your application and accelerate the path to your Fellowship.

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Full Money Back Guarantee

On successful application to the General Practice Exam Accelerator, you have a full 30 days to take the program and if you find you are not thrilled with the preparation you are receiving, just email us at [email protected] and you get our "No Questions Asked 100% money back guarantee".

Simply email us or contact us and we refund your full course price.

No questions asked.

There is no risk to you if your application is accepted into the GPEA and get your best marks in the FRACGP exams.

"Thank you Dr Tom for all the help in my exam prep. GPEA helped me to do some structured study. The webinars were really great, thank you Tom. Keep up the good work. (March 2018, Passed 2018.1)"

Dr Arivu Weslyn
General Practitioner, Lockyer Doctors, Gatton QLD

"Tom and his team provide an excellent course which was instrumental in passing this exam. Beyond pointing you in the right direction, they are with you every step of the way, which is a testament that he is in it for the right reasons - to help educate the next generation of GPs. A fantastic course for both Australian and International graduates alike. Thanks for everything!!"

Dr Aadhil W Aziz
General Practitioner, Mill Park SuperClinic, VIC

"I want to share a good news that I have passed the Osce and I cleared all the three components of examination. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude for providing such a good course. When I started preparing for FRACGP Exam I was not aware of many of the things. You have demystified all of them. Your approach to the problem and, teaching about learning strategy is marvellous. You have a very genuine urge and motive to help us and that one is very spiritual to me. You think out of the box to help us. I am very much impressed with your insight about consciousness which is beyond the grip of senses. "

Dr Jayant Karambhe
General Practitioner, Doctors on Brunswick, Brisbane, QLD

"Thank you very much for your great help and guidelines throughout my preparation for the KFP. There were questions pretty much similar to ones that we went through with you. Just waiting for the results.... Once more thanks a lot for your assistance with the exam preparation. February 2018 (Passed 2018.1)"

Dr Edina Hatunic
General Practitioner, Ann Street Family Medicine, Nambour, QLD

"Your mind maps are the best and I believe your FRACGP preparatory course is far better that the FRACGP preparatory course conducted by [other providers] because they all follow only the RACGP "Checks" & AFP clinical challenge."

Dr Subramaniam Karuppiah
GP Registrar, Malaysia

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You will receive your decision within 48 hours.


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