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With FRACGP exam dates looming you may start to doubt your preparation. Your confidence may be starting to crack. You don’t want to let anyone down, especially yourself.

Being a GP is demanding enough, but the pressure of exam performance to clear the path for your career can be overwhelmingly stressful.

“Do I know enough to pass?”

“How can I cram all of this knowledge into the timeframe I have left?”

“I just want to be a good GP.”

The FRACGP exams are purposely challenging. They’re evaluating your capacity to practice independently and safely as a GP in Australia or overseas. Good exam preparation is essential to exam success.


  • What if you had the inner confidence that allowed you to not only pass your exams but also solve the uncertainty of working with patients on a daily basis?
  • What if you knew techniques to transition between patients, in and out of work, and in and out of study?
  • What if you had a framework that made GP practice easier, faster and helped you make an impact on your patients’ lives?

The path to Fellowship may just be that much easier.

It’s important to remember these exams are assessing whether GPs are ready for independent practice, not whether they can memorise large swathes of content.

GraduateMedicine’s GP exam preparation and accelerator courses for Registrars and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are successful because they use techniques that work in real GP life, not just in exams.

If you’re seeking guidance on how you can simplify the knowledge required on your path to Fellowship, GraduateMedicine can provide a roadmap.

A GraduateMedicine GP Exam Accelerator course can help take the fear out of sitting for your Fellowship and instil an inner confidence to not only pass your exams, but allow you to be the best GP you can be.

"GraduateMedicine played a huge part in my success since I followed your instructions during the last 6 weeks to the examination. I had been practicing in Australia only for 15 months when I sat for the examination. I had no time to read Murtagh cover to cover and I was panicking. So I emailed GraduateMedicine requesting guidance and Dr Tom replied with a comprehensive set of instructions, which I followed. I managed to get through the AKT and the KFP as well. Many thanks and heartfelt gratitude."

Passed AKT/KFP, October 2014



Fellowship to Mastery (FEM)


GP Exam Accelerator - Rapid


GP Exam Accelerator (GPEA)


FRACGP Exam Dates for 2019 Exams - AKT, KFP and OSCE Exams*

*Please check the RACGP website (, 'Fellowship of the RACGP') for dates, rules, policies set by the RACGP

2019.1 Exam Dates*
Exam   Assessment Dates Results Publication Date
KFP   Friday 1 February 2019 Wednesday 27 March 2019
AKT   Saturday 2 February 2019       Wednesday 20 March 2019
OSCE       Saturday 25 May 2019 Wednesday 10 July 2019




2019.2 Exam Dates*
Exam   Assessment Dates Results Publication Date
KFP   Friday 19 July 2019 Wednesday 11 September 2019
AKT   Saturday 20 July 2019 Wednesday 28 August 2019
OSCE        Sunday 10 November 2019     Wednesday 18 December 2019





Enrolment for 2019.1 Exams - AKT, KFP and OSCE Exams*

2019.1 Enrolment Period*
Exam Exam Dates
AKT/KFP  Open: 9am AEDT, 17 September 2018  Close: 8pm AEST, 16 November 2018
OSCE Open: 9am AEDT, 17 September 2017  Close: 8pm AEST, 29 March 2019
2019.2 Enrolment Period*
Exam Exam Dates
AKT/KFP  Open: 9am AEDT, 18 March 2019          Close: 8pm AEST, 17 May 2019
OSCE Open: 9am AEDT, 18 March 2019          Close: 8pm AEST, 13 September 2019




*Please check the RACGP website (, 'Fellowship of the RACGP') for dates, rules, policies set by the RACGP

Key Policies and Rules involved with sitting the Fellowship Exams with the RACGP

There are several key policies and rules when enrolling and planning to sit the Fellowship Exams with the RACGP, which is important to keep in mind. The RACGP has discovered from years of data, that candidates who were aware of these policies and rules were most likely to have a significantly increased chance of passing their exams on their first attempt rather than subsequent attempts.

All candidates must hold a pass in the AKT and KFP as a prerequisite to undertaking the OSCE.

According to the RACGP website, from 1 January 2017 all candidates will be required then to pass both the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and Key Feature Problem (KFP) exam prior to sitting their OSCE, which lends itself to the advice for candidates to now sit both the AKT and KFP exams at the same time on the one exam date. This means that candidates are required to be even better prepared when enrolling for their FRACGP exams, than in previous years.

Restrictions on exam attempts

According to the RACGP, from 2019, candidates will have six enrolments over a period of three years to pass all three Fellowship exam segments (not including periods of approved leave). Candidates who fail to pass exams within these parameters will not be eligible for FRACGP. 

* Please check the RACGP website (, 'Fellowship Exam Attempts') for dates, rules, policies set by the RACGP.

How early should I start studying for the FRACGP Exams?

The earlier you start preparing for your exams, the better. We estimate anywhere between 300-500 hours of studying is required for AKT and KFP exam preparation.

When you have other personal, work and family commitments, this is a lot of consistent study over a long period of time, so we suggest starting your exam preparation and study at least 9-12 months out from the exams.

Study Tip

One of the most powerful study techniques is to document what you already know about a particular topic.

You can then identify what specific areas of learning you need to focus on to significantly enhance your understanding of that area of study.

Want to optimise your exam performance? Exam Mindset Training will give you an edge.


5 key resources essential to studying for the KFP.

KFP questions test your clinical decision-making in both diagnosis and management.

They're often difficult to answer because they're assessing your skills at selecting what is clinically most important out of many possible options.

These 5 key resources will have you well-prepared for the KFP-style of questioning.

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