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GraduateMedicine is an online medical education provider featuring some of Australia's best medical education experts.

GraduateMedicine aims to assist GPs and doctors with:

  • Solutions and services to the medical and health industry;
  • FRACGP pre-exam training courses to help GPs pass their AKT, KFP and OSCE exams in Australia and overseas; and
  • GP and specialist training courses for continuing professional development.

GraduateMedicine was founded in 2013 by Dr Tom Rolley whose aim was to establish an independent and objective training provider, without conflict with the College or other training organisations. GraduateMedicine primarily assists GPs with their training for their Fellowship exams with the Royal College of General Practitioners in Australia.  

As the amount of medical knowledge continues to both change and grow, new strategies for managing medical knowledge can have a significant impact on the ability for doctors to pass College exams.

Dr Rolley continues to provide medical training and online courses to doctors all over Australia and Asia, both in regional and remote areas for those doctors feeling isolated but who can connect through the GraduateMedicine online community.  


"When I started preparing for the FRACGP exam I was not aware of many things. You have demystified all of them. Your approach to the problem and teaching about learning strategy is marvellous. You think out of the box to help us."

Jayant Karambhe
July 2017


GraduateMedicine's Mission Statement

GraduateMedicine's website provides fellow medical students, registrars, GPs, and patients, with access to the basic and advanced medical information through ebooks, videos, blog, interviews, mind maps, GP exam revision tools and GP exam preparation resources to help them to gain Fellowship with the RACGP and relevant colleges and go on to become a competent and passionate general practitioner.

We wish to further support those GPs in effective, relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) education that makes a difference to them and their patients.

The medical information and knowledge throughout this website is based on extensive years of clinical training and knowledge within Australia and overseas in Ireland, the work of my colleagues and clinics, and most importantly, the expert knowledge of many medical consultants and specialists, whom as a GP I am fortunate to have close access to throughout Australia.

GraduateMedicine looks forward to serving the medical and GP community in the years to come.



Dr Thomas Rolley MBBS, BSc, FRACGP

Dr Tom Rolley is passionate about transitioning medicine to a more functional way of dealing with the amount of information available in medicine.

Tom is a proponent of just in time medicine, modelled from the learnings of lean manufacturing and development process. The goal is to have critical medical information in the hands of general practitioners at the moment they need it. This knowledge combines with their experience and the patient’s specific presentation to provide the best outcome for the patient.

Tom has been working at Mullumbimby Comprehensive Medical Centre since July 2010, gaining his Fellowship in December 2012. He is deeply grateful to work in General Practice and to provide great health outcomes for his patients to the best of his ability.

Read more about his approach to passing your exams in his ebook, Master Your GP Fellowship



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Condensed GP Exam Accelerator for rapid Fellowship training and beyond.

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Comprehensive GP Exam Accelerator training for your Fellowship and beyond.


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