Back at the coalface and Backlogged!

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

I am back into General Practice after 10 days off.

The holiday itself was GREAT.

Refreshing. Inspirational.


Coming back to work has been pretty good so far.

The downside?

The paperwork.

Yes! The wonderful backlog of results, tasks, letters, and faxes.

Ah, it might be 2019, but faxes are still definitely a thing in the medical world — although at least they now come through electronically…

So, the challenge is there is a lot of data to get through today.

And the temptation is to just click through, barely reading or half focusing on it.

The difficulty is that somewhere in one of the results, and it generally does not come with a great big red flashing light, is something important.

And if I miss that one…

It potentially causes me a lot of difficulties in the future…

What I am taking from all of this is, that even though it is repetitive and there is a lot of results to review — I still must do the work well.

By doing the work well now, I avoid problems in the future.

This plays out in your FRACGP exam prep as well…
On one level, they are difficult, potentially isolating and brutal test of your skillsets and mindsets.

On another, they are an opportunity to set you up for the rest of your career as a great GP.

And so doing the work well when preparing is setting a solid foundation for your GP career.

If you need help getting that solid foundation in place to not just pass your FRACGP exams but also build a solid foundation for your career as a GP…

… then head over to to find out more.


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