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On Saturday we headed out to Mt Barney for a family camping trip.

We had been on the Gold Coast and had lunch at “Bam Bam Bakehouse”.

The Bakehouse had awesome food…

It was a lot like eating at Masterchef and Matt Preston had recently been there to pick up “ a couple of his favorite pastries”, at least according to the menu.

We left the beaches and highrises and headed west.

As we arrived at the campsite, the transition from the Gold Coast could hardly have been more stark.

The campsite was basic and Mt Barney stood imposingly in the background.

It was dry.

Very dry.

We settled in, chose our campsite and put up our tent.

This was the second time we had put it up and it was smoother, faster and better than the first time.

Also, actually putting it up while it was still daylight definitely helped too!!

Nonetheless, the lack of marital bickering from start to finish suggested the design of the tent was pretty good.

Unfortunately, while the tent was up quickly and effectively, as we unpacked the camp gear further, some of our rapid packings was exposed…

We found we had a few missing items…

No stove.

No cooking utensils.

No blankets

And on the other hand, it also revealed a bunch of double-ups…

Double sheets.

Double doonas.

What was evident was that there was clearly room for improvement with our camping setup…

Eliminating the double-ups and making sure the essentials were in!

What was most important to me though was that only in DOING the campsite setup were the deficiencies revealed.

Ie. I must DO in order to IMPROVE.

Rather than getting dismayed at the failure to pack properly, to see the events of our camp trip as an opportunity to get better next time and the time after that…

And over time, we will have dialed in a highly effective camp setup.

… which would be great, because the camping experience is a really, really good one for our family… :)

I see the problem of theoretical vs actual change in GP as well.

Continuing Professional Development is required for us.

The workshops are ok.

The teaching is ok.

But the standard seems to be, as long as the sessions are delivered then this is enough.

Whether anything actually changes in my practice seems to be an afterthought only.

This may be because it takes significantly more work and more desire for a doctor to be willing to look at what is not working, work out what needs to change and actually commit to making that their new standard of practice.

This is not an easy way, yet it is the way to better medicine and better outcomes for patients.

Interested in a better approach to GP education?

Join us over at and discover how Key Feature General Practice can help you.


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