Drinking is ok for breakfast… just as long as you're traveling!

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

Why is it ok to drink for breakfast at airports?

I was transiting in Auckland Airport.

It had been an ok flight…

The next to me was empty but still LAX to Auckland is a long 12 hours and we got in around 7 am.

I disembarked and walked through Auckland airport.

It’s all very done up and fancy and really quite nice.

I went to the new “Homegrown” place — they were promoting their green smoothies although most people seemed to be ordering alcohol.

Disappointingly the green smoothie I had was not up to scratch…

There was a bunch of big chunks through it, suggesting it was quite a rarity for people to order smoothies for breakfast!

In fact, the gentlemen before me were quite happy ordering champagne and beer, even though it was breakfast time.

Now it’s important because no one blinks an eyelid at the airport, yet in any other situation, people would be questioning just when they should be checking in for AA.

But as long as it’s the airport… drink whenever you want!

Whiskey on the Weetbix.
Champagne with the Cornflakes.

So the takeaway here is that you actually get to make up your own rules for how to live.

It is possible to drink for breakfast if you so desire.

The hostess will smile affectionately as she passes you a Marlborough Pinot to wash down your scrambled eggs!

The only caveat is that while you can choose for yourself to do many things, even if society frowns upon them (unless you are at the airport!), but what you don’t get to choose is the outcomes.

For me, at 42, it takes me days to recover from drinking booze…

Not only does it destroy my momentum, but it also throws off and tweaks out my intuition.

And know that you are also making hundreds of choices through the day, just like my friend at the breakfast bar…

Some you are conscious of.

Most are being made on autopilot.

And you may find yourself struggling with your Fellowship Exams and you recognize you need to make a different choice now…

If that’s you — then what I want you to do is head over to graduatemedicine.com/GPEA and make a different choice for yourself today.


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