How does anyone even cook these dishes?

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

A couple of years back my sister had come over and stayed for a couple of days.

This was many years ago and I was living with my girlfriend (now wife!!) Emma and we were big into cooking.

My sister knew this and went, ok, Tom would love a new cookbook.

So as a thank you, she gave me a Gordon Ramsay cookbook.

Now the food looked amazing in the pictures.

The difficulty was that the recipes were insanely hard.

Except one… the tomato soup.

I think I could cook the tomato soup but the others…

As far as I could tell you had to be a full blown chef to take them on.

Not just the techniques required either, although generally, I had no idea what many of them actually were.

But even at the ingredient level, the recipes all had ingredients that I had never even heard of, let alone knowing where to find or get them.

So, unfortunately, this recipe book has become a very nice looking picture book of food that I will likely never be able to cook.

The thing that I take from this experience is that if it’s too complex, I will never do it.

And this plays out all over my life.

In fact, because I am reasonably intelligent, it may be even worse as while conceptually I can grasp complex ideas and plans, the actual implementation just never happens.

And this may well be playing out for you if you are making your approach to the GP exams too complex.

If you have no real grasp of what you need to have in place in order to maximize your study time, then you may end up struggling in complexity because there is just so much to cover, it ends up being a haphazard approach that is not very effective at all.

So if you are finding your FRACGP exams a bit like a Gordon Ramsey cookbook, then I would encourage you to head over to and check out the resources available to get you back on track.

And remember, simple executed is better than complex not actually done.


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