Optimizing my life.

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2019

I just completed the second quarter of my year.

And in doing so I am reviewing how did I go?

I had a three-month plan and overall I did ok.

From 1 April, my target was to do 3 unassisted chin ups… DONE.

My target was to have my daughter sleep in her bed… DONE.

My target was to be performing a regular kirtan… NOT DONE.

My target was to have a weekend away with my wife… NOT DONE.

As you can see… some got done. Some did not.

So I am creating my next 3 month targets.

And a critical step is to actually look not at what got done and what did not…

But: Where am I now?

This is the first critical step.

If I skip this and just go ahead and create my next targets, then it becomes far more difficult because the journey from where I think I am and where I actually am, are two very different experiences.

And if I run with where I think I am, suddenly my chances of actually completing my targets decreases substantially because I am living in a fantasy, instead of the reality of the real situation.

Only after having got clear on where I actually am, can I have a solid ground to select my next 3 month targets.

And once I have those, and I have where I actually am…

Now planning for bridging the two actually makes sense.

No 3-month targets at all?

Unlikely to change my reality at all.

No ownership of my true current reality?

The plan will be useless and will fall apart at the first step.

No plan to bridge the two?

I will be unclear about what actions I must take in order to bridge the gap.

The principle to take from this is that consistently creating a better life for myself requires all three components to be in place in order to have a shot at transforming my life.

You may find yourself in a similar situation.

If you are a GP, then I invite you to head over to https://www.graduatemedicine.com, where Key Feature General Practice can improve both your exams and your ongoing educational experience as a GP.

Notice that this model will also work on your GP Management plans for your patients.

Of course, it will require them to be painful clear on where they are now and that it is no longer a place that they wish to be… And in that recognition, set the 3-month target and provide the drive to make the jump for themselves.


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