Staying in Position or Not putting in 100%?

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2019

I have been watching my son Sam play soccer at the “Premier International”…

Its a big soccer competition with good teams.

Sam plays for the Liverpool Academy which operates out of Southern Cross University in Lismore.

I did not play soccer when I grew up.

I played Rugby Union.

It was a lot of fun but the downside is that my understanding of the subtleties of soccer is limited.

So, as I watch Sam, I notice that he appears to be jogging around most of the time.

And I realize — I just don’t know if he is staying in position or if he is not putting in 100%…

Now, this is important as I would like to know!

I would like to be able to tell between the two.

If he is staying in position, I can congratulate him on his play.

If he is underperforming then we can discuss what’s going on for him and what it would take to lift his level of performance…

In this situation, I see how my lack of knowledge about the game, makes it hard to judge what is going on.

So, the principle here is that I have to get better in order to be able to judge correctly.

Just staying with my current level of knowledge about the game will continue to leave me in exactly the same position as I am now — unsure of what’s really going on out there…

And it shows me the clear path forward if I want this to change… learn more about the game!

This plays out with complaints about the FRACGP exams as well…

Are they unfair?

Or are people just not at the required standard?

Looking at the results of the exams does show that some people are getting through… even if its only 44%, 44% did get through!

So this shows that some people are good enough to pass.

And that it can be done…

And just like for me to understand better what is happening for Sam on the soccer field, people struggling with the FRACGP exams need to consider what needs to change…

Do they need…

A better approach?

Better memorization?

Better knowledge?

Better skills?

Better reasoning?

Or… even a combination of all of the above?

Just repeating the same mistakes over and over, is unlikely to get different results for these exams.

Need help with a different exam perspective?

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