The Blunt Razor

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2019

And I found… my razor… BLUNT.

So blunt it was actually HURT to shave.

Now, this was peculiar… as my wife’s razor was right there…

And the only other time I had experienced the blunt razor phenomenon was when my wife had used my razor on her legs…

But her razor was right there.

I don’t know what it is about the leg hair.

I figure it must be like ironbark.

One leg shave and the blade is cactus.

But… I had no proof it was her.

After all… her razor was literally right there!

So even though I was pissed about it, I was confronted by three options.

  1. Let it go, get a new blade and forget about it.
  2. Let it go, get a new blade and confront my wife
  3. Let it go, get a new blade and hide my razor from my wife…

Much as part of me was tempted by option 3, and option 2 was probably the most required…

I chose option 1.

“You pussy” you might think…

You should have confronted her.

But here’s the thing…

We were already at war.

And I could not afford to donate resources to this minor issue.

What I saw in this situation, was that the appropriate allocation of resources is critical.

Sometimes an action makes complete sense.

Sometimes, that very same action makes no sense at all.

In General Practice, this is continually going on…

I am continually assessing what is the most appropriate action to take right now…

Where is the patient at?

Where am I at?

What’s the most appropriate choice right now.

These are the challenges of every consult with every patient, every day.

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