The Return of the Nits

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

How the right treatment makes all the difference.

We were out to dinner tonight as a family, and right at the end, Emma was combing through Sam’s hair.


Our little friends are back.

Yes… the nits.

Now, we have been going pretty well so far this year as I believe this is only the second time we have had to deal with them.

As Sam is 11, we have had about 6.5 years of experience with the nits.

For some reason, he never got them at daycare, as far as I can remember.

But within 2 weeks of starting primary school… there they were.

The first ones were almost cavalier in their approach, dancing over the top of his hair as if nothing could touch them.

So, we are no strangers to the nits and we have tried a LOT of options.

Some seem to work.

Some definitely do not work.

And then we found Nyda.

That stuff is the best.

The nits just die.

It's great!

It is incredibly frustrating to pay money for nit cream and have it not work.

Or even worse, to think that it has worked only to find it killed the live nits just fine, but the eggs were all still alive.

Yes, I know I’m meant to comb extensively but it really makes a difference if the nit cream kills the eggs too.

Hence my deep and profound gratitude for Nyda.

The lesson here is that having the right treatment makes all the difference.

And given that treating nits previously has been deeply frustrating, Nyda has made me a devotee of their products.

So this lesson also plays out across the board in life.

Having the right treatment for the patient will get them better.

Having an ineffective treatment will not.

Having an effective methodology and approach to getting your FRACGP will enhance your results in the exams.

Having an ineffective approach will not.

Need more help?

Head over to for more details on getting a better approach to the FRACGP exams.

Ps. And if you are struggling with nits… I suggest trying out Nyda!


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