This morning I worked through our pain clinic.

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

Basically, all of the patients are on long term S8 medications.

NSW has requirements for any patient who is on S8 regularly for more than 2 months to have approval from the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Unit.

Part of the application is that the patients are reviewed by a pain specialist.

The interesting thing is that opiates are clearly out of favour for long term pain management as the pain specialists are continually recommending to reduce to zero.

This is great of course in theory.

The only problem is, what to treat their chronic pain with?

Most often I am asked when will Medical Marijuana be available.

I say go head up to the Gold Coast… there are clinics up there.

What about you? Why won’t you prescribe?

My answer… we already have enough problems with chronic pain and opiates…

I have ZERO interest in prescribing marijuana unless it is recreationally legal.

Up until that point… Its just not worth the hassle.

There are already enough challenges in GP without adding more


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