What resources to study for the FRACGP exams?

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2017

As we ramp up our study coming into the AKT and KFP exams in July 2017.2 and Feb 2018.1, we want to make sure all doctors sitting the exams are covering all the key FRACGP resources.

We often have lots of questions from our members and registrars who are sitting the FRACGP exams -  which resources do you need to cover to pass?
Below is one such question we had recently...

I am emailing for advice on a bit of a dilemma I am currently in.

I am due to sit the exams in 2018.1

I already have the fourth edition of Murtagh and no companion book.

However, at present the 6th edition is out.

Should I be investing and using the new edition for the exam?

There are 5 Key Resources we believe you need to help you pass your FRACGP exams.

Obviously, one of those key resources is the well-known <em>GP textbook by Professor John Murtagh (AM), John Murtagh General Practice but which one?....

Murtagh 6th edition was published in December 2015, so does it matter which edition you study?

So, I thought this is an Interesting question!

Back in 2012 when I sat my FRACGP exams with the College, I used the 4th edition quite happily for exams.

The major advantage for me picking up the 6th was that it was online via Google Play - so its searchable and much quicker to use than the actual book.

I also feel like the companion book is worthwhile for good tips and tricks and it may be useful for the exams - If you haven&#39;t got it yet, then do grab this.

The second reason to get the 6th is, if your mind is worried that not having the 6th edition will put you at a disadvantage - then I would definitely get it just to take that concern and any anxiety away!


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