When should you begin your FRACGP exam preparation?

As a FRACGP training provider, we often get asked when should I begin my study for the FRACGP exams.

The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and Key Feature Problem (KFP) Exams, as well as the Objective Structured Clinic Exam (OSCE) require a lot of preparation and study in order for you to even pass these days. The FRACGP exams are getting tougher and tougher, so they require a lot more consistent study and application.

Depending on where you are at in your medical career and your past experience, will give you some indication of how much study you feel you need to pass the exams.

We would suggest that you need at least 300 hours at a minimum. You may required up to 750 or 1000 if you are not working in GP very much or there has been a significant break in your medical career (eg. caring for children).

When you break that down, you are looking at at least 5-6 hours per week of study or about 1 hour per day for a year at 300 hours.

This would double if you are preparing 6 months out and double again if your target was 600 hours. This also assumes that you are studying good GP materials.

Another way to approach the exams is actually treating your day to day work as prep for the exam.  As soon as you have a good grasp on the actual logistics of GP - how a consult generally runs, referral networks, billing, plans etc - then move to studying on a case or two a day.

Passing your FRACGP exams to gain your fellowship as a GP is a bit like exercising and taking care of your health you need at least 45-60mins of study a day to ensure you are fit enough to take the exam as long as you start far enough out.

Taking a pre-exam course, such as our GP Exam Accelerator Course, can not only help you cut down the time to prepare, but also help you to work out what to study and guide you along the way. 

Please click here to download our guide on what topics to cover.

It can be used either as a 6 month or 12 month study planner.  If you are more than 12 months out, then it is very useful to bring your awareness to the bredth of GP and think about how will you approach studying some of the less obvious topics that are on the RACGP curriculum.

Happy studying!

Dr Tom


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