Building A New Habit.

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

I am day 2 of building the habit of tracking my food intake.

I have tried before and failed.

This time is a little different.


Well… I’m putting cash down.

My personal training pitched her program to me 3 months ago…

Its called “Metabolic Precision” and costs $750.

3 months ago I said no.

I was interested but it did not make sense at that time.

After all, I was training 3x per week and doing at minimum 10 minutes of mixed body training or 20 minutes yoga on the other days.

It should have worked.

And it did.

To a degree

I lost 2cm off my waist measurement.

I went nowhere in my weight loss…

Apparently, this is common as even though I presumably lost fat, I gained muscle and so my weight went didn’t change.

So three months later though, I am interested in the diet course.


1. I still have a gut.

Sure, its 2cm less than 3 months ago, but it is there.

2. The weight loss conversation is a common one in GP.

Even in Mullumbimby, home of food conscious people… it’s still a frequent discussion point.

Now, there is a BIG difference between discussing the theoretical path a patient has to follow to lose weight and the walked path I am targeting with my own weight loss.

It’s not to say there are not lots of ways to lose weight…

But rather for me to have any authority in the discussion, I must have walked the path myself.

I have been there once before…

Back in 2010, I did the Gold Coast marathon.

I weighed in at 84kg.

I was running a lot and the marathon itself was brutal to my body.

It has taken me almost 9 years to recover.

And then I moved to Byron Bay and slowly but surely put on weight until I stabilized at 96kg.

To be able to confidently advise patients on what is required, I must do the work required… both learning theoretically and applying it to myself.

Then I have credibility.

Then I know first hand the work that must be done.

Then I know the leverage I must have over myself in order to actually hit my weight loss targets.

So there is a big difference between theoretically knowing what to do and actually having done it.

And in this context, suddenly, the $750 investment makes complete sense.

And with the $750 investment, I get leverage over myself and my new food tracking habit is being created.

This concept of investing, not even so much for the learning, but rather to force myself to do things I know I must do — is not commonly thought of.

Consider in medical education, free education is often not paid attention to because the doctors have not invested themselves in the experience.

It is a long-standing saying that the transformation is in the transaction and those that pay, pay attention.

Consider that at some level buying medical education is not even for the training, but just to get leverage on yourself to force yourself to do what must be done.

Of course, if the course actually helps you get where you need to be quicker, well, that definitely makes a difference as well.

Need to get leverage on yourself for the FRACGP exams?

Need a course to get you where you need to be on exam days quicker and more effectively than you doing it yourself?

Then, go now to to check out how you can invest in yourself, pass your exams and get your Fellowship.


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