Stop Getting Up at 5 am!

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2019

My wife has been complaining about me getting up early each day…

I set my alarm for 5 am.

Most of the time I successfully drag myself out of the warm sheets and begin my day.

It has been annoying her greatly.

“Why do you get up so early?”

“You are always tired by 9 pm, why don’t you just get up later?”

Very good questions.

Why indeed?

Well, firstly, no one else is awake in the house so I get uninterrupted time to myself.

Second, I use this time to get a couple of things done.


A short workout.


Some time spent learning.

An “Attack with the Stack” to get my head straight.

This morning routine was not created by me, but rather by Garrett J White from Wake Up Warrior.

It was discovered as he tried to work out why his production in business was off, and what needed to be done each day in order to find himself with enough power to actually get the work done required by his businesses.

His advice… Swap late nights for early mornings and get the work to get into power done before the rest of my day.

Now, notice that my wife is not happy with this.

It is pissing her off.

So, for me, there is a price to pay in behaving this way…

It is putting a strain on my marriage.

And you might think… Tom… Stop it!

Stop doing this crazy 5 am routine and let your poor wife be.

Stop it and let her be happy.

But just before we go there, consider the possibility that if I choose to get up at 7 am, there will still be a price to pay.

The price of failing to produce.

The price of failing to get the stuff done that must be done.

And, the result of that is the creation of one of the more dangerous threats to my marriage… Scarcity.

Not enough money.

Not enough capacity.

Not enough time.

And the true cost of this choice — divorce.

So either way…

There is a price.

Either way…

There is a strain on my marriage.

If there is always a price, then all that remains is my choice — which one do I want to pay?

When studying for FRACGP exams… it is the same.

You have to cover the material

You can either go to the source, make your notes and then study.

Or you can go to notes already done, confirm your knowledge and then invest your time expanding your understanding with the more detailed source material.

You can then lock your increased understanding into your notes, all enabling you to show up to your exams prepared and confident.

Want to know more?

Head over to for more details now.


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