The NRYO 3 Day Intensive

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2019

For the July school holidays, Sam headed out to the Northern Rivers Youth Orchestra (NRYO)…

Its a 3 day intensive of music from 8.30am to 5 pm.

Sam had been put into the Senior orchestra.

We printed out the music and it was daunting…

Sam was literally fearful to even attempt playing the songs before heading out…

Yet, still, he showed up.

At the end of day 1, he was tired to the point of exhaustion.

At the end of day 2, he was actually physically sick.

This may have been a virus or possibly just due to the amount of concentration that he was required to put in to keep up.

Most of the other musicians who attend are GOOD.

For Sam, saxophone usually falls third behind soccer and Fortnite…

So it was a significant challenge for him.

We showed up last night and at the end of the third day, there is a concert.

The concert was great!

It was clear that in 3 days the bands had gone from never having played together to put on a display of excellent music.

The whole experience highlighted the power of intensive focus and working together.

And it really highlighted that who was around Sam did make a big difference to his musical performance.

This is similar to GP exams as well.

The intensity and focus that you bring to your study will affect your results.

And, who you are spending time with when studying will also make a big difference.

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