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Uncategorized Jul 05, 2019

So today I finally got to record some videos I have been trying to make for about 2 weeks…

Slides were done.

Computers set up.

Microphones on.

Screenflow software ready.

Zoom software ready.

Haircut yesterday, looking sharp.

The first recording… No worries at all.

Second recording… all good.

Third recording — halfway through and I get a warning on one of the computers… “Your internet connection is unstable”

Perhaps Telstra was doing some upgrade work.

Perhaps the internet fairies were on strike.

Either way, the outcome for me was that one of the video feeds dropped out completely.

I try again.

The same thing happens.

I try a third time.

Same again.

The fourth time, I get it to work, but I have no idea whether the gaps can be fixed in editing or it’s just going to look very average.

I was on fire when presenting too, and so to have this happen really, really annoyed me.

So much so that I was actually considering getting another office location just for its fiber optic cable connection.

I did not want to give up the recording but the breakdown of the internet was very difficult to fight.

After I finally got the recording done, I gave up on the rest of the recordings.

I had to accept that to continue under these conditions would be an exercise in futility and likely end up with me wanting to throw the computers through the windows.

But what I realized afterward, was that there is nothing for me to fear.

While the internet connection was poor today, it will likely be better tomorrow and…

My skillsets are not going anywhere.

I’m still going to be able to present just fine.

This may play out for doctors sitting their FRACGP exams as well.

You have 12 hours of study planned, and for whatever reason — poor internet, sick kids, unexpected news — you cannot study today or you only get a few hours in.

The art is to accept that this is what happened today.

To let it go and reset for tomorrow.

And make sure the 12 hours happen tomorrow.

Let it go, reset and go again.

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Study hard.

Never give up.


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