Stop Getting Up at 5 am!

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2019

My wife has been complaining about me getting up early each day…

I set my alarm for 5 am.

Most of the time I successfully drag myself out of the warm sheets and begin my day.

It has been annoying her greatly.

“Why do you get up so early?”

“You are always tired by 9 pm, why don’t you just get up later?”

Very good questions.

Why indeed?

Well, firstly, no one else is awake in the house so I get uninterrupted time to myself.

Second, I use this time to get a couple of things done.


A short workout.


Some time spent learning.

An “Attack with the Stack” to get my head straight.

This morning routine was not created by me, but rather by Garrett J White from Wake Up Warrior.

It was discovered as he tried to work out why his production in business was off, and what needed to be done each day in order to find himself with enough power to actually get the work done required by his businesses.

His advice… Swap late...

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