RACGP refuses to release KFP exam data

fracgp exam Nov 09, 2015

The RACGP has refused to release the latest data over the Key Feature Problem (KFP) exam from the August 2015 test.

'Australian Doctor' (Page 3) is reporting that the latest results show that 43% failed the KFP test in August, with some sources claiming there is a higher failure rates of 80-85% from the International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are on the practice-eligible-pathway compared to those registrars already training on the Australian General Practice Training Program. 

Experts are at odds over why eligible pathway graduates and IMGs are failing at a higher rate than those on the Australian GP Program. Some claim that overseas medical schools place an emphasis on rote-learning, but not understanding the concepts.

However, overseas-trained doctor, Dr Geeta Trehan from SA GP, who helps IMGs prepare for the exam, rejects this stating in Australian Doctor that if it was critical thinking that was lacking the IMGs would also fail the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) component...

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Dr Tom Rolley and Chiron Weber win 2012 PITCH.

general practice Dec 11, 2012

In October 2012 North Coast Medicare Local called for applications for their new program called the PITCH.

Dr Tom Rolley and Chiron Weber from the Mullumbimby Medical Center got together to come up with their idea to change Medical Care in North Coast Region.

This is their winning idea... 

This PITCH video was the winning idea out of 27 other applications to North Coast Medicare Local opening ceremony.


This is the video that captured all the actions at the opening day.

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